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Product Overview

LED Green Lighting Technology

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   While LED (light emitting diode) technology has been under development for many years, they have only become technically, economically and environmentally viable as a commercial light source replacement in the last five years.

HPL Technologies has extensive experience with and knowledge of LED technologies so you can be confident when you work with us that our products provide superior light output (lumen), have a proven longer more reliable life cycle and because our core business model eliminates conventional overhead costs we can be extremely competitive.

   High Performance Lighting Technologies doesn't just supply LED bulbs. We search the world for the latest technologies and the highest quality LED components with the best performance and reliability. Then we combine and put those components together to build the best LED lighting system based on your specific application to ensure you are always getting the best, newest, highest performance, most reliable technology available.

   You receive the best, most ideal, up-to-date, reliable LED system available at the lowest cost possible. High Performance Lighting Technologies is a FS and PR company; a Veteran-Owned American manufacturer, distributor of advanced LED lighting systems and electrical products that offer solutions for offices, commercial businesses, supermarkets, retail stores, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, gas stations, architectural, decorative, lighted signage, refrigerated display fixtures, industrial facilities, factories, warehouses, parking ramps, garages and lots, streets, institutions, U.S. government, military, municipalities, pathways, schools, sports facilities, and individual consumers.

STREET Lighting

LED chips and driver greatly reduce the accelerated wear on both components with external driver for their tubes systems. This provides a system designed for maximum life and consistent performance.

TUBE Lighting

Replaces Fluorescent Office Lighting

Tubes have Built in Driver Technology to replace Fluorescent Lighting

High Bay Lighting

PAR Lighting

REMCO Technology Features:

Constant Current LED Driver


Up to 90% Power Efficiency


Zero EMI/RFI Emissions


Extended Life





Competing LED, HID, and florescent lighting use switch mode power converters that produce EMI/RFI which can cause interference with other nearby sensitive electronic equipment; radiation and toxic invisible smog. Remco’s technology works at line frequencies, completely eliminating EMI/RFI which means no interference with other nearby sensitive electronic equipment; no radiation; and no toxic invisible smog.

Lamps/Circuit Capacity:

Currently, most industrial and commercial lighting installations are based on switch mode power converters that suffer from high inrush currents and may require rewiring, complicated switching control circuitry, power outages/blown fuses, etc.. Remco Technology is non switch mode and minimal inrush current allowing many more LED fixtures per circuit without the need to rewire or cause power outages/blown fuses or tripping circuit breakers.

Maximum Fixtures per Circuit:

Light circuit and maintenance costs are reduced by maximizing the number of fixtures per circuit, reducing wiring and circuit breaker costs, and the elimination of maintenance calls for nuisance tripping of circuit breakers.

Life Span:

With reduced complexity and part count, the service life span and reliability is greatly extended over that of competing LED or incumbent HID. Switch mode Led drivers are very complex, use more parts, and work at very high frequencies leading to high failure rates and shorter life span.


Unlike conventional Switch Mode Power Supplies, Remco’s Technology extends the life of its electronics. Remco’s driver life span is greatly extended allowing light sources powered by it to operate longer periods of time without maintenance.


Remco’s LED driver uses the lowest part count of any existing competing LED driver solution.


Remco uses no magnetic components, so noise is eliminated. Competing LED, HID, and florescent drivers and ballasts use magnetic components that produce noise and must be rated by the industry for acoustic level compliance.

Carbon Footprint:

Since the total efficiency of any technology is based on not only the energy it consumes, but also the energy to produce it, Remco’s technology has the lowest Carbon Footprint compared to all existing competing LED or incumbent HID Drivers or ballasts. Additionally, with a significantly larger circuit capacity with Remco LED lighting fixtures, the amount of wire and circuit breakers is reduced; further lowering system costs and the total carbon footprint.   


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