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ecoTECH’s fully integrated energy & fresh foods system embodies a unique blend of proven commercially profitable systems and technologies. It brings together sustainable biomass fuelled thermal energy (combined heat and power "CHP") to provide optimum energy and ambient conditions for year-round indoor aquaponic vegetable herbs nutraceuticals and fish plus crustacean propagation in natural harmony to provide safe, healthy "beyond organic" foods.

   The energy system, (proprietary to ecoTECH Energy Group, Inc.), is fuelled by residues from forestry operations or other gleaned biomass recovery components that are usually discarded as waste and left to create a fire hazard, such as forestry rejects (culled trees that are either defective or unmarketable - obstructing the route to selected trees for cutting).

   The purchases of these heretofore wasted resources can mean the difference between profit and loss for logging operations, or provide a waste to energy solution for MSW with a full ecoTECH sorting and gleaning system. The solid fuel is efficiently converted in the "ecoPHASER" system’s thermal reactor directly into a combustible gases mixture ("syn-gas sublimation") and fed into a pulse jet thermal oxidizer.

   The resultant high temperature flame oscillates at a frequency that is high enough to produce a very short, highly radiant flame front, disrupting the recombination of the elements liberated during combustion into undesirable air emissions. The exhaust is therefore cleaner than any other known combustion system and the high radiance of the short flame results in greater exposure and longer heat flux residence time in the firebox of the attached boiler.

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