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Lew Mearns - 

Strategic Planning & Director of Green Solutions​

Lew has been working with Global Ocean Group for over ten (10) years and is a proud Metis who aspires to help people and our Mother Earth heal. 

A world-wide business traveler, with an eclectic work history, Lew has experience in nearly every arena under the sun, from owning a successful ranch with trail rides in the Squamish Territory of Whistler BC, to working with Award-Winning stars at prestigious events.

If you have a question about a personal dream, Lew will align you with the right people to help make it happen. He is intuitive and perceptive with a keen eye to detail. Having a strong social sense with passion about environmental issues, Lew is the ideal person for the position of hospitality and director of green energy solutions for THRIVE.

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